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Chief Executive Officer of the Song

She's cooler than Jewel

 All right, I'm not going to bore anybody here.  At least, I hope I'm
 not.  There's a bunch of other Juliana pages on the web, so I'm not 
 going to repeat all the info that you can get off of them.  Well, a 
 lot of the pictures are the same, but hey, I ain't purfekt, y'know?  
 So, check it out;  this page is going to be totally personalized, and
 you guys can help.  I'll tell you the story of why I'm into Juliana,
 how I got into her, and some other stuff, and in return, you e-mail me
 with any comments, stories, or anything else you want to say.  I'll 
 print the best e-mail I get, be it a story or just a comment, on my 
 page.  I don't know how many I'm going to get, so I can't tell you 
 right now how often I'll be doing that.  But together, we can help 
 make my page cool.

Where You Should Go

Visions of Juliana: Guess where this link goes
Lyrics: Hop the fence into someone else's page!
Other Juliana sites: These people are cool
Related musical acts: Stuff you'll like if you don't already
Shootin' the Shit: YOUR stories, YOUR comments, YOUR turn to shine
King's Castle: A friend of mine's page--a web virgin, so be gentle
About Me: if you give a damn....

Now there are at least people who realize I have entirely too much time on my hands.