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Jules and Claire Danes from My So-Called Life:
Evan Dando makes me jealous:
Jules in...prayer?:
In a purple haze:
Head tilted back (shitty name...sorry):
Frustration at the Sweat Shop:
Jules at a live performance [b&w]:
Oh, how I wish, wish I were the stool...:
Juliana bares her...:
An oh-so-moody pose [b&w]:
Cool full-page photo:
Four on the floor!:
Only Everything insert:
Juliana as...Barbie?:
Juliana as...Mariah Carey?:
Vampin' it up [b&w]:
A few of the things Juliana is not:

Visions of Juliana

All right, I know thumbnails
are the way to go, but I do 
not know how to do them yet.
Gimme some time, I'm new to
this.  I'll be putting new 
pictures up every week, so 
come back and check out the 
Gallery whenever you can.  

The link descriptions 
might seem kinds of weird,
but that's because I tried
to write possible captions
instead of describing in
great detail the picture.
I figure this way, maybe 
you'll be pleasantly sur-
prised.  Enjoy!

A photo for Seventeen magazine:
Jules performing acoustically in my hometown:
Another performance photo from Albany:
Insert from For The Birds [b&w]:
Looking for a cold one [b&w]:
All dressed up with guitar in tow (one of my faves):
George Washington smoked pot...see? [b&w]:
I C U:
A good craftsman never blames their tools:
A cavalcade of album covers and inserts:
Oh, to be a pole...:
"...maybe the guys are right...maybe I do need a haircut...":
Juliana as "covergirl":
Looks like the morning after...: