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Here is where you can send me any-
thing at all  you wish to share about
Juliana, or anything you might think 
of my page.  Call it a poor man's guest
book.  Like I said on the main page, 
I'll print the best ones every so often
(pretty much anytime I get enough to 
make it fair, or once every two weeks, 
or whenever--keep coming back to see if 
you make it).  Now, this isn't a con-
test, so I can't give you any prizes or 
anything--I'm just a poor college kid 
for Christ's sake.  Anyway, here is my 
e-mail address, so drop a line.  I don't 
care if you think my page is shitty and 
you want to let me know;  I'd like to 
think that I can handle any kinda criti-
cism.  All e-mails will be replied to.  
If you do not want your story
or comment or what have you to be prin-
ted, please state so in the e-mail.  

Chris Brown
Pattersonville, NY
United States

All told now, there've been of you willing to share your stories or comments.